We are on a well, and last Sunday we had no water. And we're out in a rural area. D J Pump Service Is the only service that makes calls on Sundays.....We contacted DJ and within a few short hours our problem was fixed...and our water system was restored. Thank you DJ and Tanner....great job!

Glenn Anderson

Fast response, great service with competitive and reasonable pricing. I was in a bind with my well going out right before the holiday and they were quick to answer and quick to repair.

Br St

Called them at 7pm and they had someone at my house first thing in the morning. The crew who showed up where extremely helpful. They went over my options and got me back up and running in no time. I highly recommend using DJs pump service.

Kyle Heusner

Good, professional people who do excellent work. They are our go to business for everything well and water-lined related. They take care of all three of our farms.

Kerry Dunaway

Great people to do business with!

Cleve Rogers

Definitely great! Fast response when you need it the most. Running water is the most important luxury I have. Thanks to DJ Pump Service for keeping my pump running.

Hicks Letson