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Get an Independent Water Supply

Drilling a well is a necessity for any residential, farm, or commercial property in and outside of the range of city water. If you need well drilling service in Knoxville, Warner Robins & Centerville, GA, turn to DJ Pump Service. We drill everything from holes for farms to both 4-inch mud rotary and 6-inch air rotary.

Living in the Middle, Ga and surrounding areas, we are located on the fault line which is a line that stretches from Columbus to Augusta. To the north we encounter rock known as the piedmont formation. This requires the air rotary method which is a minimum of a 6" hole for the tools required to drill the well. Also, this size hole gives you more storage because traditionally these wells produce smaller amounts of water requiring the extra storage to allow for peak demand times. To the south of this line we drill with the mud rotary technique. This is primarily sand, known as the coastal plain. This area is known for much greater water availability and in most cases only requires a 4" well to get the water required for most houses and smaller commercial applications. However, if needed, we can drill much larger holes with this technique that will sometimes produce hundreds of gallons of water per minute. Often times working in city limits resdiential

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Learn more about the well drilling process

Well installation is a complicated process, but we have the experience to get it done right. During your installation, we'll:

  • Drill a 4-inch or 6-inch well
  • Blow air into the well to expel mud and water
  • Ensure the screen at the bottom of the well is clean
Clearing the newly dug well of excess mud and water forces water from around the well to enter the well casing. We do this process over a period of time to clean the well, settle the disturbed areas around the well and create a rough estimate of the amount of water the well produces. If you have any questions about the well installation process, call 478-935-3325 today.