Get an Independent Water Supply

Schedule well drilling service for your Knoxville, GA property

Digging a well is a necessity for any property outside of the range of city water. If you need well drilling service in Knoxville, GA, turn to DJ Pump Service. We drill both 4-inch and 6-inch wells.

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Learn more about the well drilling process

Well installation is a complicated process, but we have the experience to get it done right. During your installation, we'll:

  • Drill a 4-inch or 6-inch well
  • Blow air into the well to expel mud and water
  • Ensure the screen at the bottom of the well is clean
Clearing the newly dug well of excess mud and water forces water from around the well to enter the well casing. We do this process over a period of time to clean the well, settle the disturbed areas around the well and create a rough estimate of the amount of water the well produces. If you have any questions about the well installation process, call 478-935-3325 today.